The Signage Team

Giulio and Pierre, friends who met at the University of Santa Barbara, each owned successful signage companies in their respective countries. They decided to join forces and create the world's first online platform for personalized illuminated signs, revolutionizing the industry. Together, they combined their expertise and passion to deliver a seamless and innovative solution for customers worldwide.

Giulio Giordani


Giulio is the founder of a signage company in California. He specializes in perfecting sign fabrication to deliver the highest quality products. Giulio's knowledge of signage and its impact on business helps him provide tailored solutions for clients. His attention to detail and dedication to quality ensure that clients get the best results from their purchases. With efficient manufacturing processes and top-notch materials, Giulio's company delivers exceptional signage that enhances brand visibility and attracts customers.

Pierre Douat


Pierre, the founder of this company, is the driving force behind its success. With his imagination, hard work, and dedication, he has built the company from the ground up, along with his other signage company in France. Pierre takes on a hands-on role, managing every aspect of the business. Known for his unwavering commitment, he works tirelessly, often putting in 16-18 hours a day, to ensure that your product is precisely as you envision it.

Theo Marche

European Area Manager

Theo's expertise in renewable resources and energy engineering adds significant value to the team, as he helps maximize the performance of the signs. Since joining the company in 2021, he has been utilizing his knowledge to further enhance the quality of the signs produced. Fluent in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian, Theo ensures that clients from around the world receive precisely what they envision. His multilingual abilities facilitate effective communication and understanding with clients from diverse backgrounds, guaranteeing that their specific signage needs are met with precision.

Alison Mo

Design and Fabrication Team Manager

Alison plays a vital role as a pillar of the company, working closely with designers, the fabrication team, clients, and more. Her responsibility is to ensure that every aspect of the process, from quality to design, is perfected. Alison's involvement spans the entire process, ensuring that the vision and expectations of clients are met with the highest level of excellence. Her attention to detail and commitment to perfection contribute to the overall success of the company's projects.