Custom neon - Guaranteed visibility

Custom neon - Guaranteed visibility

Custom neon lighting has grown in popularity in recent years as the decorative element of choice for indoor and outdoor spaces. They offer a unique and personalized way to add color, texture and ambiance to any space.

Creating a custom neon light is a process that involves working closely with a specialist neon manufacturer. The process usually begins with the selection of the neon's design and colors. Customization options for bespoke neon are virtually endless, ranging from individual letters and classic shapes to abstract designs and corporate logos.

Once the design has been approved, the specialist neon manufacturer creates the neon using glass tubes filled with noble gases such as neon, argon or xenon. The tubes are then heated and bent into shape, and electrodes are welded to each end.

The neon is then filled with gas, and a high voltage is applied to excite the electrons in the gas. This creates a visible light that emits a specific color depending on the type of gas used.

Although neon glass is the oldest technique, it doesn't rival neon LED in terms of value for money and durability. In fact, LED neon is more resistant and less expensive than traditional glass neon.

Custom neon offers many advantages. They can be used to create customized commercial signs, decorative elements for the home, artistic lighting and much more. The vibrant colors and glow of neon catch the eye and bring any space to life.

Custom neon is also highly durable and low-maintenance. They are designed to last for years, requiring only occasional cleaning to maintain their appearance.

In conclusion, custom neon is a unique, personalized decorative element that can transform any space into something original and exceptional. The customization options are almost endless, and neon's durability makes it a worthwhile long-term investment. If you're looking to add a touch of sparkle to your space, custom neon could be just what you need.
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